Warmup Dual-Touch Thermostat: Temperature Control Made Easy

Temperature control is essential for a healthy and comfortable home. This is why at Warmup we have launched a Dual-Touch controller that will revolutionise the way you feel about home comfort. Our goal is to help you enjoy a warm and cozy home environment, giving you the widest possible range of choices so you can set air and floor heating to the exact temperature you want.

Stylish and modern design

The Dual-Touch thermostat features a sleek and unobtrusive design – forget about bulky controllers that spoil the looks of your home. Moreover, you have a choice of two colours (black and white) so they can easily be matched to the predominant colour in your home décor. The device sits flush against the wall and its epoxy soundproofing ensures silent operation.

Comprehensive heating modes

Precise temperature control is achieved thanks to an advanced microchip fitted into the controller which enables you to set an air or floor temperature, or both. The new Dual-Touch thermostat allows you to switch between heating modes seamlessly.

Bathroom heating at your fingertips

We believe that small details matter, so we’ve made it possible to control the temperature of your heated towel rail using the same thermostat. In addition to controlling the temperature of your underfloor heating system, this smart temperature controller allows you to set the heated towel rail temperature and schedule it in your bathroom.

Simple or advanced

No one likes complicated devices that are hard to set up. User-friendliness and intuitive design are top priorities when it comes to the design of the Dual-Touch thermostat. We have made sure the touch screen is easy to read and easy to operate. With just a few taps of the screen, you can choose between automatic – the simple ‘ready-to-go’ option, manual temperature control if you need it to be customised to your schedule, and you will also be able to set a vacation mode to keep your home heated at a cost-effective temperature while you’re away. For the advanced users who want to dig deeper into the settings, there is an opportunity to change the software and factory settings for custom solutions if needed.

Smart sensors that make your life easier

The Dual-Touch thermostat comes with two built-in sensors: you can use either the floor or air temperature sensor. The sensors have an accuracy range of 1°C and result in reliable and cost-efficient home heating, with no guessing involved!

Contact your local Warmup distributor if you have any questions about the underfloor heating and the Dual-Touch thermostat, or you can buy the thermostat from the electrical retailers.

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