Floor insulation is a must-have for energy efficiency in the house.

The importance of proper floor insulation when installing underfloor heating is a hot topic nowadays. Traditionally, it is loft spaces that are singled out for insulation. But with underfloor heating, floors are important, too. The fact is that all homes can benefit from trapping heat inside from floor insulation. What is floor insulation and how does it work?

Put simply, insulation boards help you retain the warmth of your heating system for longer. They mean that fewer heat losses occur when your underfloor heating system is on. Underfloor insulation prevents heat energy from transferring to the ground beneath your home. As such, Marmox insulation boards are ideal for homes that have underfloor heating systems.  They help keep the heat they generate where it is wanted – in the rooms above.

What’s more, your whole house will feel cosier when you fit high-quality insulation boards. Installation systems like Marmox boards direct the heat flow from underfloor heating systems upwards. That means that all of the energy is utilised without unnecessary wastage. Indeed, waterproof insulation of this kind is perfect for open-plan bathrooms, such as wetrooms, where you don’t want conventional radiators placed on the walls. After all, radiators inevitably transfer some of their energy outwards rather than into the home. Moreover, they are noisy and bulky.

There are different floor insulation options now available in the market. With a few options to choose from, every homeowner in New Zealand can do more to trap the heat in the house.  Floor insulation helps to lower your annual expenditure on utility bills. What’s more, insulation boards also do their bit for carbon emission reduction. It takes less energy to achieve and maintain the same level of heat inside your home.

Floor insulation is extremely helpful for a variety of people since it helps you prevent heat loss. At the same time, it also maintains the right temperature within your home. Another benefit is the fact that you can eliminate drafts, which can be extremely demanding and challenging. Having control over how you keep heat within your home really helps, and it can indeed make a huge difference.

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