Marmox: Technology advancements in our bathrooms

At the world’s leading trade fair, the ISH Water & Energy exhibition in Frankfurt this year (2017), industry leaders were invited to showcase their latest products and innovations to international trade visitors. Paul Fielding from Warmup New Zealand attended the event to view the Tiled Shower Solutions.

“It’s a spectacular event demonstrating just how far technology has advanced within the building trade. All to make for a better, healthier, economical and a more environmentally friendly future. Warmup is always looking out for new improvements from waterproofing through to heating solutions. We want to give our customers not only the most economical solutions, while also improving durability and overall quality.”

As technology improves our quality of life, not all improvements are visible. These are either forgotten about or we don’t even realise what we have.

One such instance is waterproofing, whether for roofing or your bathroom.  Warmup uses Marmox waterproof and insulation products for our Tiled Shower Solutions. Not only is it the most economical waterproof system, but it is acoustically better than screed. It is also suitable for all tiles, is lightweight and easily cut to fit all designs.  As this prevents the build-up of moisture, it carries great hygienic benefits as well. Waterproofing needs to be done properly the first time and is not advisable to always go for the cheapest option. As the foundation of your bathroom, it is therefore important to ensure it’s done correctly to avoid future hassles.

“It was interesting to see how even bathroom designs have factored into individual behavioural patterns and requirements.”  The future bathroom includes ‘Smart Water’ technology, mirror apps for entertainment and news items, bathtubs with micro-fine air bubbles to help with the anti-ageing fight, etc.

If you need any advice or recommendations for your bathroom waterproofing requirements, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist.  If you would like some suggestions on bathroom finishes, view the impressive range of bathroom accessories at Tranquillity Bathroom Collection, who will be happy to assist with product guidelines and pricing packages.

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