The trendy bathroom design features

While renovating, most people try to follow the latest trends in bathroom design. Although people’s personal choice of décor differs, the fundamental design features that they want in their bathrooms and en-suites are quite similar. Over the last couple of years, there has been a fashion for more storage space, for example. Finding ways to provide extra storage with pull-down shelving units or corner-fitting cabinets has definitely been popular for a while but what are the latest on-trend features that will make your bathroom look completely up-to-the-minute?

Bathroom Design – Wet Rooms

Because they are easy to clean and provide a big space to wash in, wet rooms are increasingly trendy. They mean you don’t need to step over a bath or squeeze into an enclosure to get showered. In fact, wetrooms aren’t just about being accessible – they become spaces that are large enough to share and make bathing fun!

Undertile Heating

Removing your old radiators is a great move for getting rid of visual clutter in a bathroom. If you want that day spa look which is very on-trend right now, then replacing a conventional heating system with an underfloor one is the best way to achieve it. Undertile heating is efficient because the whole room is warmed from below with no cold spots. What’s more, there’s nothing to clean because the whole system is hidden beneath your feet!

Making Shower Niches

When equipped with a floor-to-ceiling frameless shower partition, shower niches virtually disappear from view unless they are in use. The shower niche offers useful storage for soap and shampoo. There are endless ways to design your shower niche. Stylish and practical, showers niches are often found in luxury hotel bathrooms and are likely to remain chic for some time to come.

Channel drains

Channel drains have become very interesting because you get to add style and comfort to a mundane item. However, the right designs and ideas can really take things to the next level. Channel drains give a modern look, while also enhancing the functionality of your bathroom. That’s the cool thing about them, and the overall experience really shines as a result. That’s certainly a thing you need to keep in mind.

Adding art in the bathroom

It’s interesting to see that more and more people started to add art to the bathroom. This is important if you want to personalise your bathroom design and take it to new heights. The same thing can be said about adding sculptural taps. These bathroom design trends really push the limits, while allowing you to really bring a sense of style into the mix. It’s cool and visually impressive and it makes the entire experience more innovative and fun at the same time.

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