How can a tiled walk-in shower benefit a smaller home?

A small property with a tiny bathroom can also be made to look comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Of course, smaller bathrooms can look very stylish and provide you with everything you need.

he installation of a tiled walk-in shower can make a big difference. Walk-in showers are often the preferred option in small bathrooms. Installing a corner-fitting shower enclosure with a shower screen can take less than a square metre. It is particularly important when you have limited space. Modern floor-to-ceiling frameless shower screens create an uninterrupted view through the bathroom and make it look bigger and more spacious.

Key points in tiled walk-in shower installations

A good thing is that you don’t need to look for a shower tray of a specific size to meet your requirements. Warmup Tiled Showers can be any size you need because we use the Marmox shower bases.  Marmox shower bases can be modified to your specific requirement – to any size and shape. When installing a tiled walk-in shower, keep in mind that waterproofing is a crucial step that needs to be done perfectly well by professionals.

Heating in small bathrooms

Another important thing in a small bathroom renovation is heating. Remove your current bathroom heating radiators and opt for undertile heating. It will make your small bathroom comfortable to use, cosy, and more spacious. Make sure that your building contractors insulate the floor properly to make the undertile heating more efficient and cost-effective.

Complementing the design of your bathroom

The great thing about having a tiled walk-in shower is the fact that you can easily complement the design of your small home. It all comes down to the look and features that such a thing provides, and it can indeed bring amazing ideas into the mix. You will be amazed by the quality and the fact that you also get to waterproof your tiled shower is also very helpful and convenient. What a lot of people like about this type of shower is that it’s versatile and it does save space, which is always important.

At the same time, a walk-in shower also helps you ensure that you get to enjoy a short bath without needing a lot of space. It’s efficient and having a tiled walk-in shower also ensures you there’s no slipping or any issues that might arise. It certainly works, and it’s stuff like that which really pushes the limits.

It’s a great idea to install a tiled walk-in shower if you want to add more value to your bathroom, while also making it stand out. And yes, the functionality will also get better too. That means you have the best of both worlds, while also making the most out of your space.

The value of your property

Modern looking and professionally installed tiled walk-in shower adds value to your home. Basically, every dollar you invest in your property doubles when you decide to sell the house. So, it is cost-effective to install high-quality, modern showers. If you want it to be done at the highest standard – contact your local Warmup distributor.

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