Warmup projects in New Zealand


Tiled Shower Installations In New Builds In Glendowie, Auckland

For many building companies and architects, Warmup is a preferred contractor for tiled shower installations, floor insulation, wet areas waterproofing and of course underfloor heating installation.

Euro Renovations & Construction Ltd. always call Warmup ANS to do the job. This is one of their recent projects (2021) – 3 stand-alone houses in Glendowie with 2 bathrooms in each house. Warmup was called to install 6 Waterproofed Shower Systems and install waterproofing around the bathtubs.

6 Tiled Showers Installation In A House In Shelly Park, Auckland

This beautiful 1,000 sqm house in Shelly Park is one of the projects of Euro Renovation And Construction Ltd. It features 6 bedrooms, 7-8 bathrooms, variable living spaces, an internal swimming pool and a Finnish sauna.

In 2015, Warmup installed 6 Waterproofed Shower Systems, including the one in a change room in the pool house, and installed waterproofing in laundries.

The Sebel Hotel - Lower Hutt, Wellington

The Sebel Hotel in Lower Hutt, Wellington is scheduled to open in December 2021.

The Warmup Wellington team in partnership with Tile & Style has installed acoustic insulation, and exterior and interior waterproofing in this project for Watts & Hughes Construction.

Waterproofing sheet membrane and acoustic mats have been installed in the bathrooms and kitchen areas of 60 hotel rooms.

Beach And Cavalli Apartments – Auckland

The Warmup Auckland team installed 76 bathrooms and ensuites with waterproofing and acoustics insulation in the laundry, kitchen, scullery, and entry areas in each apartment in the new Beach and Cavalli Apartment Building. For this job, the Warmup specialists used these products: Each bathroom features Tranquillity bathroom accessories such as heated towel rails, hooks, and paper holders. Each apartment has got a popular Moderno Carbon Infrared Heater installed on the balcony, so the homeowners can enjoy the outdoors all year round. Beach and Cavalli is an iconic and luxurious investment that includes 38 deluxe, large apartments. The building is situated in the popular Long Bay, only a few minutes from the beautiful beach.

Undercarpet Heating Installation in a Church – Hamilton

In summer 2020, the Warmup Waikato team installed underfloor heating in one of the Hamilton churches. The team installed the underfloor wiring in the main Church area, the main hallway and a conference room. The job involved filling any gaps with foam and ensuring there were no sharp edges that could cause damage to the copper wiring.

The project was significant in scale – the total area of underfloor heating installation was 200 square meters and the job was completed in just a couple of days.

The Warmup Waikato team worked hard to get the job done quickly and efficiently so that the carpet could be laid as planned and the renovation could be completed as per schedule.

Wetrooms Installation In A New Build – Auckland

The Warmup ANS team was brought into this design project to complete the installation of four bathrooms and a powder room. Out of sight and away from inquisitive little fingers, at the heart of each of these bathrooms, our innovative wet room technological solutions are quietly focused on doing the work of insulating, heating, soundproofing, and waterproofing.

We are strong advocates for Marmox products which insulate, waterproof, and soundproof. Marmox board insulation creates a waterproof thermal barrier for the Warmup undertile heating ensuring heat is pushed upwards into the room, and the bathroom tiles heat up quickly. At the same time, soundproofing means the noise and echo of footfall on tiles are reduced by up to 20 decibels.

Warmup undertile heating can be fitted to large or confined spaces, is economical, efficient, and offers balanced heat distribution for the room above. The system is silent and has no extruding or detachable parts. It’s the ideal solution for bathroom heating needs. Finally, Warmup thermostats allow you to programme all of your heating preferences. Alternatively, you can choose to simply turn on the thermostat and alter the heat settings on your whim.

The finished bathrooms reflect the interior aesthetic of combining horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines with soft lighting and fixtures, creating harmony and ease with an appearance that is both classic and modern.

We are proud to have been involved in this unique project.

Inslab & Undertile Heating Installation - Hamilton

The owners of this beautiful new house in Hamilton decided that they wanted polished concrete floors in the main areas of the house. The Warmup Waikato team installed inslab heating in selected areas of the house with separate thermostats to control each individual area. The inslab heating elements 2x5000watts and 1×1920 watts were installed after the reinforcing mesh was added and prior to the concrete being poured. Inslab heating is a great choice if you wish to build a house from scratch. The slower heat-up time and cool-down time of the inslab heating cable make it suitable for common areas that are used more often. Effective installation and correct operation and control will ensure maximum cost-effectiveness.

The Warmup Team also installed undertile heating in both bathrooms adding to the luxury and comfort.

Underfloor Heating Installation In A Beach House – Whangamata

In winter 2021, the Warmup Waikato team installed underfloor heating in a private beach house in Whangamata.  The heating wire covered an area of 68.2 m2 and the installation was completed in a day and a half. The project was delayed due to lockdowns, and the team came back to the project later to install the engineered timber flooring on top of the underfloor heating. Everything in the house is on smart control so the Warmup Colour Touch Wifi thermostat was used to control the heating system. The project was located at a beautiful beach and our team enjoyed the views while doing their job.

The International – Auckland

In 2020, the Warmup ANS team installed 190 integrated wet room systems in the International –  the apartment building in Auckland CBD that delivers a luxurious living experience. Only the best materials were used – Ardex waterproofing membrane, Warmup undertile heating and Warmup thermostats TH115,  Marmox wedge shower bases, and custom single panel shower glass.

House Re-Build - Christchurch

This home has been totally rebuilt after the earthquakes to a very high standard. The house is located on the lower slopes of the cashmere hills.

The Warmup Christchurch team has built a large shower enclosure with two recessed shower dumpers and a full tile seat down. Marmox shower trays and shower niches have been installed and over 30 m of waterproofing has been used. The en-suite is finished to a very high standard, and up-market products have been used throughout.

The developer has worked in Australia for a number of years and has come back to NZ to do this project and a few others where Warmup will also be involved.

Rydges Wellington Airport Hotel - Wellington

Warmup installed 130 waterproofed shower systems and waterproofed all public areas in the beautiful and reputable 4-star Rydges Wellington Airport Hotel. While installing our wetroom systems, we used modern building products such as Ardex waterproofing membrane, Marmox shower bases, and insulation boards for the shower floor. Warmup’s wetroom systems are reliable, cost-effective, require low maintenance, and are quick to install. They are the best option not only for hotels but for many other commercial properties.

Under Laminate Heating Installation - Christchurch

This was one of the large jobs Warmup did last year in Christchurch for a homeowner – we installed the heating under timber laminate flooring. Our underfloor heating professionals installed 6mm Marmox insulation board and then laid a 4mm thermobreak followed by taping the 5KW  heating element down with foil tape. The customer was very happy with the results and the heating solution

Strawberry Fare Restaurant – Christchurch NZ

The Warmup underfloor heating specialists in Christchurch installed undercarpet heating in the iconic restaurant – Strawberry Fare. In colder seasons, it was hard to heat the place because of all the south-facing windows and very high Cathedral ceilings.  The undercarpet heating option was chosen as it could make the large place evenly and comfortably warm for all guests of the restaurant.

Underfloor Heating Installation In A Portable House – Auckland

The job was to install an electric underfloor heating system in a portable house.  Underfloor heating is the best heating option as it saves space which is important in a limited room. Moreover, it’s silent, energy-efficient and hidden.
Underfloor heating installation
On top of the timber subfloor, we installed the Marmox insulation boards. Marmox makes heating more efficient and saves money on running costs. After that, the heating wire was installed. The floor area was equally covered with wire to avoid cold spots. No heating wire is required in the areas where the furniture and appliances will be installed. The next step – putting a levelling compound to seal the wire and to make the floor perfectly even. It takes 24 hours to cure. After that, the laminate floor can be installed. The heating can be turned on or off on demand and the temperature can be controlled with a Warmup thermostat.

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